PsyD in Clinical Psychology

PsyD in Clinical Psychology

The Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology program will prepare students for careers as licensed psychologists, serving their communities through applied clinical practice.

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Become an Expert in Clinical Psychology

Pepperdine University employs the practitioner-scholar model of doctoral training in which academics, clinical training, and research are conjoined. This rigorous program consists of three years of clinically relevant coursework and supervised clinical training, followed by one year of internship, and completion of a clinical dissertation. After completion of postdoctoral clinical training, graduates will be eligible to be examined for licensure as psychologists throughout the country and in Canada.

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Program Benefits

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  • Ranked #6 Psy.D. program in the US*
  • University-based doctoral program with access to major-university resources at the #46-ranked institution in the US**
  • Emphasis on science-informed, evidence-based practice with an appreciation for multicultural context and cultural adaptation
  • Outstanding faculty, recognized experts, scholars, and clinicians
  • World-class clinical training opportunities, including 4 university-based clinics, and external training rotations throughout southern California
  • Dedicated support and resources to help find and secure practicum and internship placements
  • 97% overall internship placement with 91% placed at APA-accredited internships
  • 100% of alumni (5-years post-graduation) are licensed psychologists in most recent alumni survey
  • * Compared to Psy.D. programs listed in U.S. News & World Report, Best Grad School Rankings, Clinical Psychology
  • * * U.S. News & Report, Best Colleges Rankings, National Universities

Campus Locations

Classes are conveniently located on our West Los Angeles Graduate Campus, close to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), and just off the 405 freeway.
(Please note that your campus of choice cannot be guaranteed. Campus offerings are contingent upon availability and subject to change.)

Career Outcomes

Clinical Psychologist

Clinical psychologists meet with clients to identify issues in their lives - emotional, mental and behavioral.

The psychologist will diagnose any existing or potential disorders via observation, interviews, and tests. They then formulate a treatment program alongside the client according to the needs of the client.

Psychologists regularly monitor the progress of their clients to ensure that the course of action meets their needs, and to adjust it if necessary.

Clinical Director
Clinical Neuropsychologist

A clinical neuropsychologist investigates the relationship between the structure and functions of the brain and its emotions, behaviour, cognition and mental capacity.

Neuropsychologists frequently examine the effects of traumatic brain injuries on the mood, behavior and a person's ability to think.

They may also be responsible for testing certain mental skills, such as recall and recognition, ability to follow directions, concentration, mood, personality, and language or math skill testing.

Forensic Psychologist
Forensic Psychologist

Some of the responsibilities that a forensic psychology will have are conducting prisoner screenings or assessments, investigating psychological disorders among criminal and civil court defendants, and examining the mental state of criminals to determine if they can stand trial.

Their work involves studying criminal behavior and addressing a variety of things, from psychological theories to legal matters.

Often, clinical psychology and criminal justice are also major studies of interest for a Forensic Psychologist.

Employment Potential


Job Growth

The number of jobs for Doctors of Psychology is expected to grow 21% in California*


Average Annual Wage

The average annual wage for Clinical, Counseling, and School Psychologists in California is $94,910**

Employment Demand

California has the nation's highest employment demand for graduates of Psychology doctoral programs*

*2017-2018 Burning Glass Report on Employment Potential for Selected Programs
**U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017

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